Jachtwerf Heeg Bootshop Brochure Rental
G2 NED-7
Price: € 26.500,-
Sea Cloud Randmeer Touring
Price: € 12.950,-
Schobbejak G2 NED-19
Price: € 20.750,-
Randmeer Touring
Price: € 12.000,-
Menemsha Randmeer Advance Limited Edition
Price: € 12.950,-
Randmeermin Randmeer Classic
Price: € 7.000,-
Poekie G2 NED-34
Price: € 27.000,-
Wild is the Wind G2 NED 27 (verlaagd in prijs)
Price: € 23.500,-
Gladiator SOLD - G2 NED-35 'Gladiator'
Price: € 28.000,-
SOLD - Randmeer Advance met trailer
Price: € 13.000,-
Panta Rhei SOLD - Randmeer Touring 'Panta Rhei'
Price: € 9.500,-
Goddes SOLD - G2 NED 44 'Goddes'
Price: € 27.500,-
NED-2221 SOLD - Splash NED-2221
Price: € 2.000,-
NED-2715 SOLD - Splash NED-2715
Price: € 4.750,-


Looking for a reliable pre-owned Randmeer? At Jachtwerf Heeg you'll find an excellent choice in perfectly maintained and moderately priced pre-owned boats. With great regularity we come across used boats.

From customers who graduate to a G2 or exchange their Randmeeer for a new one. Additionally, every year boats go on sale that were part of our rental fleet for three years. These Randmeer Tourings are sold every fall.